Abstract painting

Abstract painting painted in acrylic on paper.
Measurements: 9.84 “x 13.77” (25 x 35 cm) aprox.


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The painting is original and, therefore, unique in its kind. Ideal to give elegance to your living room or office.

We only sell original works of art because exclusivity makes creative spaces shine and because we believe that an original piece takes the soul wherever it goes.

Item Features

Acryl-Malpapier: 420 g./m² Blanco natural, celulosa (TCF), sin ácido, rugoso.
Measurements: 9.84 “x 13.77” (25 x 35 cm) aprox.
Medium: Acrylic paint on paper

Item Info

Frames and decorations are not included.

  • The painting will arrive without a frame, safely packed in a transparent cover placed in an envelope.
  • Due to how the photographs were taken and / or depending on the color setting of your monitor, the paint colors may not be completely accurate.


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