Mandala hand painted art 15″ “Pink flame”

Mandala hand painted “Pink flame”, bohemian decor spiritual art
Measurements: Diameter – 40cm (15.74in)
Thickness: 3 mm (0.19 in)
Medium: Acrylic paint on wood

Creative process:

For my Mandala wall art I don’t use guides, nor rules, just a compass to create the circles that I then draw freehand.
Several layers of clear varnish are applied to protect and preserve the paint for many years.
A triangular metal stand allows you to easily hang it in the space you want.

Custom orders:

If you are interested in a custom order complete this form or send an email with the details.
Please remember that my pieces are original work. I do not make exact copies of my work already done.
I can repaint a mandala with the same colors and design already painted but, it will have differences in the drawings for you to obtain a unique piece.

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Mandala hand painted 15″ “Pink flame”. Mandala wall art.

Ideal for example for housewarming gift or Boho bedroom decoration.
This Mandala wall art can be the perfect decoration to give to a yoga practitioner. And also, it can be a beautiful present to illuminate a yoga studio.
No doubt the space that receives this mandala will transmit love for the details.

Feel the calm and remember the present moment with these vibrant mandala circular paintings.
Mandalas are increasingly popular for their ability to allow the viewer to relax, focus, imagine, create and be attentive. This beautiful mandala was created spontaneously in a state of meditation, connected with the present moment.

Save Mandala artwork it as a special gift for yourself or share it with a loved one who can use some good energy.
A unique piece of original art, which certainly will illuminate any space and mood.

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