Mandala wall art frame wood.

Hand painted Mandala with acrylic paint on paper. Handmade wooden frame with Kiri tree wood and Acrylite front protector (protected with transparent 1.5 mm PET plate.)

The painting is original and, therefore, unique in its kind. Ideal to give elegance to your living room or office.

We only sell original works of art because exclusivity makes creative spaces shine and because we believe that an original piece takes the soul wherever it goes.


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Mandala Dimensions: 11.81 x 11.81 inches (30x30cm) aprox
Frame measurements: 12.59 x 12.59 inches (32x32cm) aprox
Depth: 1.37 in. (3.5 cm)
Paper: Hahnemühle 330 g / m2 with lightly glossy linen structure, acid-free, resistant to white aging.

Can be hung or used standing thanks to its thickness

This beautiful mandala was created spontaneously in a state of meditation. I do not use guides, nor rules, just a compass to create the circles that then I draw by freehand.
Connected with the present moment the mandala that emerges carries meaning in its colors:

Color of purification. It represents the act of detaching what is no longer necessary in order to prepare for a higher level of consciousness.

Symbol of the empathy and harmony that manifest in your life.

It symbolizes trust and creativity.

Represents the spirit of truth and determination. And the dark blue represents the strength and the immensity of the infinite.

Symbolizes the intelligence, creativity and positive use of the imagination. The tempering, the refelxionar before acting and the balance between heaven and earth.

It symbolizes good health, taking care of oneself and emotions.

It symbolizes the ability to learn and to undertake.

It is the color of compassion, of healing and of superior spiritual dimensions. It symbolizes prosperity and positive attitude.

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  • Due to how the photographs were taken and / or depending on the color setting of your monitor, the paint colors may not be completely accurate.


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