Yerba Mate Gourd light blue

Yerba Mate handmade painting. Genuine Argentinean carob tree (“algarrobo”) wood Mate. The cup includes straw (“bombilla”).

Measurements Mate: Width: 3″ (7 cm) / Height: 4″ (9 cm)
Metal straw: Length 6″ (15 cm)
The measurements are approximate.


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Yerba Mate handmade painting. Genuine Argentinean carob tree (“algarrobo”) wood Mate. The cup includes straw (“bombilla”).

Yerba Mate and its history:

The origin of the yerba mate dates back to the Guarani natives, they used their leaves as a drink, an object of adoration and exchange of currency with other peoples.
During the long trips through the jungle, the conquerors noticed that the Guarani had greater resistance after drinking this sacred drink.
“Caá” in the Guaraní language means yerba, but it also means plant and jungle. For the guaraní, the yerba mate tree is a gift from the gods.
The habit of mate has not changed since ancient times and during five centuries of history, taking root and extending to distant places.

Mate Today:

Nowadays, mate is taken in Uruguay, Bolivia, southern Brazil, Paraguay and in all Argentine houses. It is also used as a refreshing drink, breakfast with mate every morning and / or refreshments with mate every afternoon.
Mate is part of the Argentine culture. Taking Mate with friends and loved ones is the perfect excuse to share meetings and beautiful moments.

This mate was made especially with dedication, using a spontaneous yet careful creation process. Keep it as a special gift to yourself, or share it with a loved one who Yerba Mate lover or healthy drink enthusiasts.


Use & Care

You must “cure” the Mate cup before using it for the first time.
This process must be done only once. To cure the Mate cup, follow these instructions:
1.- Put the yerba mate tea in the “cup” of mate.
2.- Add warm water.
3.- Let it rest for 24 hours.
4.- Remove the yerba, wash out the Mate.
5.- The mate cup is ready to be used.

Use and care.

My mates are protected with waterproofing, not varnish. The benefit of waterproofing is that the paint does not skip and can get wet. With the use the wood and the colors will turn darken but you can continue to drink mate without problems, the paint will never skip. It is important that after using the mate remove the grass and wash it only with water. Without rubbing it. Then dry it with a cloth very well and let it finish drying with the opening down. Leaving the weed moist in the mate without using it makes the wood taste ugly and ruin. These cares will extend the life of your mate

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